OAN adds TDS counter to broadcast

Media outlet OAN updated their on-screen graphics to display the number of America’s most devastating disease, TDS.

Trump derangement syndrome is a mental illness that spread throughout the world but hit the United States the hardest. Signs of a carrier include an irrational anger at the mention of Donald Trump resulting in name calling, nonsensical arguments and sometimes violence.

Symptoms vary between each case. The most severely affected TDS patients will completely change their own beliefs and values when they learn the president shares those same feelings. Some patients will even turn to dangerous ideologies like socialism simply because Donald Trump opposes it.

The disease emerged in 2015 and scientists have yet to find a cure.

OAN is bringing attention to TDS by adding a counter to their news broadcasts.

Interestingly, the counter actually began decreasing this past week. Medical professionals believe the Biden administration’s performance has helped many patients overcome their TDS when they realized the orange man wasn’t actually that bad.

Scientists now believe a vaccine can be developed simply by exposing patients to the Democrat agenda.

“We have effective treatment but the challenge is distribution,” said OAN contributor Jack Posobiec. “Most patients are locked in their homes, searching for CNN’s missing China Virus counter.”


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