Obama admits what’s happening in America today was precisely the ‘change’ he was talking about

GT’s slogan reporters, Theresa Tripe and Clarice Claptrap have been busy digging up some of the slogans President Barack Obama has used during any number of campaign stops during his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

“Forward” was among his first. What he really meant by this was that instead of screwing the country from behind, he would face forward, look it straight in the eye and have his way with it.

“We Don’t’ Quit” simply meant that if riots, looting and arson were to break out across the country, no matter how many police officers were killed, businesses destroyed, lives ruined or misery metastasized, he would never quit until the entire country was destroyed.

“A Fair Shot” simply meant that under his watch all Police Dept’s would be defunded, guns removed, tasers limited to ‘tickle’ rather than ‘stun’, with name calling as their primary weapon with sticks and stones as backup.

“An Economy Built to Last” was a slogan with a pretty significant typo. What he really meant was “Our Economy should be in Last Place” because it was built on slavery and not on the Constitution, Freedom or Equality under the law.

And finally those unforgettable slogans, “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In”. The hope to which he was referring was the hope for a third term via a Biden presidency and him running as VP. Don’t count that out folks!

And the Change to which he was referring? Well, we see that on American streets throughout this great country of ours. The staff at GT misses him so. Maybe Michelle will run as VP. Now there’s some Hope and Change we can all get ‘behind‘. Speaking of behind, has anyone seen Mayor Pete lately?


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