Passengers refusing to wear mask kicked off plane somewhere over Kansas

Parents and their six children who refused to wear a mask were kicked off of a JetBlue Airways flight somewhere over the state of Kansas.

“It was extremely traumatizing for me and my family,” the mother, Penelope Smith, 33, from Brooklyn, said in an interview with Genesius Times.

Smith said that she tried to get her kids to play along with the “phony baloney mask charade” but they kept taking them off.

Peter Smith said that he had a medical exemption and that he couldn’t wear a mask.

“I’m allergic to tyranny,” Peter Smith said. “But evidently, JetBlue didn’t want to hear any of that, so they kicked us off the plane. They could have given us parachutes at least.”

A spokesperson for JetBlue refused to respond to an interview request.

“We could have died!” Penelope Smith said. “Luckily, we landed in a nice family’s swimming pool, so yeah, it could’ve been much worse.”


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