Rad Trad refuses to wash his feet to protest Vatican II

In a radical move to challenge the “Spirit of Vatican II” a self-proclaimed “Rad Trad” has decided to avoid washing his feet during Lent.

“That whole washing feet thing on Holy Thursday is a Vatican II abomination!” Hans Peters said. “That’s a modernist heresy!”

As a result, he has not washed his feet for the entirety of the Lenten season, causing some of his fellow parishioners and immediate family to avoid him in their own protest.

“Vatican II was a complete disaster and I’m going to do everything I can to contradict it. Like, did you know the Albigenses observed footwashing in connection with communion?”

In 1955 Pope Pius XII revised the ritual and inserted it into the Mass. Since then, the rite is celebrated after the homily that follows the reading of the gospel account of how Jesus washed the feet of his twelve apostles. In 2016 it was announced that the Roman Missal had been revised to permit women to have their feet washed on Maundy Thursday; previously it permitted only males to do so.

“Now they’re washing women’s feet!? Complete disaster!” Peters added.