Report: Facebook classified biology as hate speech because Zuckerberg is transitioning

This explains a lot. After a multitude of users have complained that making basic biological statements have caused the fury of Facebook to be rained down on them; the reasoning behind such a move has become a little more evident.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has been seen in the Hollywood Hills receiving estrogen injections at a local clinic. Rumor has it he has already had his Adam’s Apple surgically shaved of in a bid to transition to female.

Science is not hate unless the people defining the categories of hate speech hate a particular kind of science. Thus Facebook’s full scale assault on biological categories. It hurts the Zuck’s feelings when people talk about Chromosomes, gender binaries, the things men like to do versus the things women like to do, and all those other white supremacist science things.

So Facebook has defined biology to dwell among the ranks of Nazi’s, little green clowns, hashtags, white supremacists, news folks who report on elite pedophilia, and other mean and hateful terms and categories.

Good riddance biology, I knew I hated you in High School for some virtuous reason.


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