Dems’ new law requires all brown people to undergo speech therapy to find ‘brown voice’

Democrats are doubling down on Rep. Ayanna Pressley‘s assertion that “We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” She along with others from “The Squad” are introducing a bill to force all people of color to undergo speech therapy in order to find their “brown voice”.

“It’s pretty simple, if you are a person of color but you disagree with anything I say, then you will be systematically rounded up and forced into speech therapy so that you find your brown voice,” Sister Pressley said at a conference.

The law mandates that people of color will undergo mandatory speech therapy that consists of electroshock treatment and flogging until they start to talk like Sister Pressley and other socialists.

“The first person we’re going after is Candace Owens,” Pressley said. “She clearly is not using her black voice.”

All people of color will be required to burn their MAGA hats and vote Democratic in order to complete the therapy.


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