Kamala Harris to outlaw whites from owning dogs because ‘that’s too much like slavery’

Senator Kamala Harris has been making a splash in her run for the 2020 presidential nomination. Most recently, she’s declared that she will prohibit whites from owning dogs because it’s “too much like slavery.”

“Really, whites own dogs because they have a psychological need to dominate and oppress something,” Harris said. “That’s why, when I’m president, I’m going to outlaw whites from owning dogs.”

The law would be an executive order that she said she would employ if “Congress doesn’t do their job and make the law.”

Harris has gained popularity by making absolutely insane claims such as white lab coats are a sign of doctors’ racism and equally insane political promises such as reparations for slavery.

She’s trailing a steaming pile of crap in the primary race by 13 points.


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