REPORT: New Study Finds Men Who Have Taken The Covid Vaccine May Not Be Able To Get Pregnant

San Francisco, CA – In a groundbreaking scientific discovery, a new study has shaken the foundations of biology as we know it. The research, which has sent shockwaves throughout the scientific community, indicates that men who have received the COVID vaccine may face a surprising twist in their life plans – they might not be able to get pregnant.

The COVID vaccine, known for its enigmatic contents and its remarkable promise of mostly-peaceful death by COVID, has captured the interest of men worldwide. However, researchers have discovered a startling side effect: men who get the vax might not experience the miracle of pregnancy.

Dr. Amelia Wigglesworth, lead researcher and a renowned expert in reproductive science, shared her surprising findings. “We were initially focused on the vaccine’s impact on cognitive function,” she said, “but the most unexpected revelation was the effect on male fertility.”

The study, conducted over the past two years, collected data from thousands of COVID vaccine recipients. “While we can’t definitively say how the vaccine affects male pregnancy,” Dr. Wigglesworth added, “we’ve seen some interesting trends, including zero documented cases of men becoming pregnant.”

The scientific community is both intrigued and baffled by this revelation. “It’s truly groundbreaking,” commented Dr. Phil Baffleton, a leading expert in baffling research. “We’ve spent years studying reproductive health, and this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

As the news continues to spread, men who have taken the COVID vaccine are grappling with this unexpected twist. Reports suggest that many are questioning the vaccine’s efficacy, particularly when it comes to growing tiny humans in their abdomens.

The vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer, issued a statement denying any responsibility for the surprising findings. “Our vaccine is intended to give the impression of protection against mostly-peaceful death by COVID,” the statement read. “It was never our intention to disrupt the natural order of human reproduction.”

In response to the study, a new cottage industry has emerged offering fertility treatments for COVID vaccine users. These treatments include broody pet adoption, developing a taste for pickles and ice cream, and consulting with clairvoyants to anticipate potential due dates.

Whether men who take theCOVID vaccine will ever be able to bear children remains a mystery. As science grapples with this unexpected twist, the world watches, and a growing number of men wonder if the elusive promise of less severe death by COVID was worth the potentially unsettling trade-off.


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