Buy Bernie’s new book ‘How to Get Filthy Rich Fighting Income Inequality’

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is on a roll. After making a name for himself decrying capitalism and fighting the super-rich, he’s sold millions of books and became super-rich himself. Now, he’s sharing his wisdom in a new book.

“I want to share in the wealth that I’ve accumulated railing on the wealthy. And for just $29.99, you too can learn the secrets of selling socialism to idiots!” Sanders said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

Sanders recently released his tax returns showing that he is indeed part of the 1% that he and his supporters have vilified for the last several years.

“You too can become rich selling the age-old lies of a socialist paradise. All you need to do is pawn some of your furniture and send me the money. Together we can fight income inequality!”

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The design of the book is eerily similar to President Trump’s “How to Get Rich” which has sold millions of copies in its own right.

Fellow democratic socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that, “If socialism doesn’t work, explain to me how Bernie Sanders became a millionaire as a socialist.”

It’s just genius!


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