Senator Feinstein, Amy Coney Barrett seen thrift store shopping together, snag retro Halloween costumes

Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett says she and Senator Feinstein ran into each other at the Buffalo Exchange thrift store in D.C.

“I was looking at some vintage furs and I glanced over toward the suits and stuff and there she was trying on this cool grand inquisitor formal. I just waved because, you know, I don’t know if we are supposed to talk to each other without approval or what. She gave me a nod, so there is that, I guess. I really scored on a ’70s ensemble and I can hardly wait to wear it to the Supreme Court Halloween party. Yeah, I know I’m not confirmed yet but I plan on crashin’ it. What are they gonna do, ask me to leave. Not!

Senator Feinstein when asked about the occurrence said. “Yeah, I saw her there and that outfit she got… way too tacky. I wouldn’t be caught, what? Mine? No, that’s not a suit, it’s called a cassock. It’s for the high-born if you need to know. Important people like me. You don’t know where I can pick up a galero, do you? That’s a fancy hat cardinals wear. It would really complete my outfit. It’s not a Halloween costume by the way. I’m wearing it to the Committee hearing for questioning Barrett. Gonna scare the bejesus out of her I hope.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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