Shaun King launches BLM inspired flaming pillow company

The political pillow fight just became even bigger and even more mostly peaceful.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King announced he is launching a BLM inspired pillow company to compete with Mike Lindell’s My Pillow and famous gun-grabber and grifter David Hogg’s new pillow line.

The racially confused entrepreneur announced the name of his company, Burn Pillow, on Sunday night. Many aspects of the company are not fully formed, like production logistics or even the product itself. Instead, King has focused his efforts on activist roles and demographics of his business.

“Burn Pillow is committed to diversity so we will not hire any white people,” King told reporters as he flared out nostrils. “Obviously I will qualify for employment in our tolerant company.”

Inspired by Black Lives Matter, all pillows are extremely flammable and work best when set aflame to fight racial injustice while sleeping. Date of release and cost are unknown at this time but King assured reporters the pillows will be free to Black Lives Matter members who loot them from box stores during riots.

“All pillows will be black, just like me,” said King as he held up a prototype white as snow. “We must end white pillow supremacy.”


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