Study: San Francisco most accessible city in America for contracting the Black Plague

The numbers are in and, it turns out, if you long to live in filth and contract ancient diseases then San Francisco is your place. A ten year study has recently been concluded and if your dream vacation is one where stepping in human feces on sidewalks and dodging rusty hypodermic needles is your idea of a good time then what are you waiting for?

San Francisco, the cradle of Silicone Valley, where woke computer engineers obsessively sanitize their pristine digital corners of disgusting right wing filth is also the new home of the once nearly eradicated Black Death. Poor sanitation, rat infestation, and local policies that do nothing about it is the necessary trifecta of resurrecting Medieval disease of this magnitude.

So if you like hobnobbing with billionaire-new-aged-puritans but also love contracting once near extinct deadly viruses then what are you waiting for? San Francisco is a booked flight away!


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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