To Disprove Trump’s 2020 Election Interference Claims, Biden DOJ Interferes In 2024 Election

In a bizarre twist of irony that could only occur in the realm of politics, the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided to take a hands-on approach to disproving former President Trump’s claims of election interference in the 2020 election by directly interfering in the 2024 election. It’s a move that has left experts scratching their heads and conspiracy theorists sharpening their pencils.

In a press conference that left many reporters in a state of disbelief, Attorney General So-and-So declared, “We have heard the cries of ‘election interference’ from the previous administration, and we are here to put those claims to rest once and for all. We will do this by fully embracing the spirit of interference and meddling in the upcoming 2024 election.”

Details of the DOJ’s interference plans are still shrouded in mystery, but leaked documents suggest a range of tactics, including replacing campaign slogans with knock-knock jokes, sending out free samples of glitter pens to distract voters at polling stations, and perhaps even recruiting a team of tap-dancing llamas to perform outside polling places.

Political pundits are divided on the implications of the DOJ’s meddling. “It’s a bold strategy,” noted one commentator, “but I’m not sure if proving interference claims by actually interfering is the best way to go about it.”

Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, are having a field day with the news. “They’re just giving us more ammunition for our conspiracy theories,” declared one enthusiastic theorist. “I mean, interfering to prove no interference? That’s like trying to stop a forest fire by throwing gasoline on it!”

As the 2024 election looms closer, the nation watches with bated breath to see just how the DOJ’s interference plans will unfold. Will it be a masterstroke of political theater or a cringe-worthy comedy of errors? Only time will tell. In the meantime, voters are left wondering if the DOJ’s efforts to disprove election interference will ultimately end up being the interference of the century.


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