Trump’s new border wall will exclude California, parts of Oregon and Washington

With Trump’s border wall in full production, authorities have added an additional 2000 mile section that would remove California and parts of Oregon and Washington from the United States. The plan is being called Manifest Sanity.

“Dire times require dire actions,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a press conference. “Every day that we have an open border to communist areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, we put our national security at risk.”

Socialist riffraff from the “Left Coast” has been infiltrating the greater United States for a decade, leaving the horrible third-world conditions and feces-filled streets of liberal-run cities for the greener pastures of Nevada and Texas.

“This has to stop. They ruin their beautiful states from which they’re spawned then set their sights on places where people have worked hard to maintain a civilized society. They think they can just come and take advantage of the good will of America, but we’re not going to have any of it.”

The wall will take several years to build, but proponents say it’ll be worth it.

“We need to keep these degenerates out. A wall is the best option we have right now.”

New York state has conversely planned to build a wall to keep taxpayers in.


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