Walmart requires face masks to keep their customers healthy

BENTONVILLE, AR—Walmart will require customers at all of its US stores to wear masks beginning next week in order to keep their customers healthy.

“Health is the number one concern of the people shopping at Walmart as is evidenced by the 74 tons of junk food we sell each at the stores each minute. As a consequence, we are mandating face masks so that our customers can remain healthy while shopping for their diabetes makers,” Walmart CEO Ben E. Goodman said.

Other national chains made similar moves on Wednesday. Kroger and Kohl’s announced they would start requiring all customers to wear masks, signaling that more retailers are lining up behind mask-wearing mandates since the disease has run its course already. The National Retail Federation, the main lobbying group for the industry, also called on retailers to require masks for customers.

Walmart is also offering a lifetime supply of Little Debbie treats for patrons who wear a face mask to the store to encourage healthy behavior.

But the ground in the retail has shifted in recent weeks as the coronavirus panic shifts into overdrive with the election nearing.

About 65 percent of Walmart’s more than 5,000 stores, including its Sam’s Club locations, are located in areas where there is a government mandate on face coverings.

“I was utterly horrified the last time I went to Walmart to stock up on Cheetos and cigarettes when I saw a young man without a face mask,” one morbidly obese Walmart shopper without pants said. “I’m glad they are doing this for my health.”