White House: Biden’s hands identify as separate personality dubbed ‘Handsy’

WASHINGTON, DC—Psychologists say, after years of repression, it looks like President Biden has developed split personality disorder.

A representative from Washington’s Walter Reed Hospital Department of Mental Health, Dr. Mindbender tells us it’s not uncommon for politicians to typically hold one angelic public persona and another, more sinister private ‘inner real self’. He says in the President’s case, it appears a unique split has occurred and Biden’s subconscious has manifested itself. His hands have taken on a completely seperate life of their own.

Reporters, having witnessed the emergence, have dubbed the new entity, ‘Handsy’ and sign language experts say it appears that Handsy is what medical professionals call ‘a truthteller’. It is the embodiment of Biden’s subconscious nature to express how vile and deceitful the public persona has become.

Dr. Mindbender suggested we keep an eye on Handsy for a better picture of what is really going on behind the scenes.

White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki has announced that the President will start wearing special electrical stimulating gloves to treat a slight case of arthritis.


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