You’re a Nazi if you don’t support mutilating children

I don’t know who needs to hear this but the Texas legislature just passed a law that bans people from receiving important medical procedures to permanently mutilate children.

I can’t even believe these horrible people are allowed to breathe much less run a state.

Let me be clear, if you don’t support mutilating children, you’re a Nazi, plain and simple and you should be sent to a concentration camp!

Some people try to claim that “but the Nazis were all about experimentation on children and the disabled and they were the ones who ran the concentration camps” blah blah blah.

Nazis were evil and if you don’t support grooming and medical experimentation on minors or concentration camps for political opponents, then you are a Nazi!

This is clear as day, people.

This is simple sociology people! You don’t need three PhDs in Post Feminist Interpretive Dance, Intersectional Beat Boxing, and Trans-species Pansexual Reproduction Art like me to understand this stuff!


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