Amid falling polling numbers, Biden turns to white supremacist vote

During a press conference to the largely white teacher’s unions, former Vice President and current candidate for president, Joe Biden flashed a clearly white supremacist hand signal.

“This is a bold move from a guy who’s promised to end white supremacy once he takes the most supreme role in the country as a white guy,” political analyst Jerry Eagle said.

Biden has recently fallen in the polls due to questions about his involvement in the Ukraine corruption scandal and the surging candidacy of Congress’s first living turd Chet, who leads all democrats in the polls.

Biden has been criticized throughout his campaign for not having enough intersectionality points, going up against some of the most popular fake ethnic politicians ever. Evidently, he’s decided to turn that weakness into a strength by flashing the white supremacy symbol.

“He even tried to put his nose in the white supremacy symbol, which means he’s been totally initiated into the hate group,” Eagle added.


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