Amid skyrocketing inflation, Hunter Biden forced to pay 18% to ‘The Big Guy’

WASHINGTON, DC—No one is exempt from the skyrocketing inflation, including President* Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who is now forced to pay 18% to “The Big Guy” for all his shady business deals with the Chinese and Ukrainians, up from 10% just months ago.

“People don’t realize that I’m suffering too,” Hunter Biden, who made several million dollars as board member for companies he has no competency in, said. “Inflation is driving up the cut that I have to pay to ‘The Big Guy’ for all my corrupt business dealings. Times are tough.”

President* Biden said that the inflation for his cut of the corruption has leveled off and Hunter is now paying less not more.

“The average cut for shady business deals is down to 18%. That’s a win for Biden!” Biden tweeted today in response to the family feud.


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