Beto scores endorsement for ‘Nacho President’ Doritos chip flavor

Things are looking up for former congressman and former presidential candidate Robert O’Rourke who recently dropped out of the race.

Not only has he already received job offers to confiscate Mexican drug cartels’ guns, but now he has a new endorsement with snack food Doritos for their new “Nacho President” flavor.

“You know after I promised to take your guns and money, the campaign contributions sort of dried up,” O’Rourke said while chomping on some of his lifetime supply of “Nacho President” Doritos. “So, I’m pretty much destitute. Doritos offer for free chips for life sounded great! I wish they had used a better picture but beggars can’t be choosers.”

The contract provides the former candidate with an endless supply of “Nacho President” flavored chips.

“I have a feeling I’m going to be incorporating these “Nacho President” Doritos in every meal for our family from here on out,” Beto added.


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