Biden cancels Dr. Seuss after repeatedly failing ‘The Cat’s Quizzer’

WASHINGTON, DC—President Biden has canceled Dr. Seuss after repeatedly failing “The Cat’s Quizzer” trivia book.

“That stuff is really hard and if I can’t pass it, it’s way too difficult for minorities,” Biden said.

Biden went on to say that Dr. Seuss is racist because, “blacks and Latinos don’t know how to read.”

“Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and, or inner-city districts know how to read, so we need to get rid of difficult books like Fox in Socks and The Lorax,” Biden said at a CNN town hall.

Media outlets from CNN to MSNBC praised the move to cancel books for racism because they’re too difficult for minorities to read.

“We believe that minorities will not be able to read books like Green Eggs & Ham. They will not read it in a house. They will not read it with a mouse. They will not read here or there. They will not read it anywhere. They will not read Green Eggs & Ham. They are too stupid, Joe I am,” Biden said.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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