Biden replaces Women’s History Month with Transwomen’s History Month


WASHINGTON, DC—In his latest brave executive order, President Biden has eliminated Women’s History Month and replaced it with Transwomen’s History Month.

“C’mon man,” Biden said in an off-the-cuff interview after signing the executive order. “You know men make the best women. It’s just science. And if you don’t like it, you’re a transphobe!”

Many women were appalled by the snub, saying they’ve worked hard to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and that it’s unfair to be replaced just like that.

“I was first a proponent of the month because I thought it mean, make women history month, but since that wasn’t right, we had to get rid of it altogether,” Biden said.

“Really, we were just celebrating women that did what men had done decades before. What’s the point of that?” Biden said before being escorted away by his handlers.

The executive order makes it illegal to celebrate biological women during March. Only transwomen can be celebrated.


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