Elon Musk buys Motel 6 to build first motel on Mars

CARROLTON, TX—Elon Musk announced the purchase of Motel 6 from the Blackstone Group, this morning. He said the nationwide, popular motel chain will fly under the banner of SpaceX and have their first units up and running on Mars by 2033, offering singles for as low as $49,999 a night during the off season.

Musk reiterated he won’t be involved in details such as the continental breakfast or brand of coffee in the rooms. That will be handled by the current management.

Musk said there will be discounts and coupons available if booking is done along with SpaceX travel arrangements and a grand opening special will offer one night at half off for every 100 million Mars ‘MuskMiles’ acquired.

The CEO of Motel 6, Rob Palleschi, said he was excited to be working for Elon Musk and pointed out that their motel just inside the popular Jazero Crater, at two stories, will be the tallest building on Mars if you don’t count the SpaceX Mars lander, ‘Uber One’.


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