Black owners disguise their businesses as Planned Parenthood so rioters won’t burn them down

As the violent thirst of the mob continues to be quenched by directionless rage towards the small businesses, that bring prosperity in their small communities, black owners have to a novel approach for protecting their livelihoods. The quick thinking owners, with a keen sense of history, realized that leftist mobs will leave them alone if they make their businesses look like actual racist institutions.

Earl Pitts, the owner of a small boutique coffee shop in Minneapolis, shared his foolproof solution to mob rage in a Minnesota small business group on Facebook:

To all small business owners who have overcome a lifetime of adversity and institutional racism, while watching the actual racist policies of Margaret Sanger catapult the Planned Parenthood minority genocide factory into the imaginations of Progressives across the globe, let us learn a thing or two about ideological blindness with actual lefty camouflage. If you wish for the mob to “pass over” your business and destroy someone else’s livelihood then simply tape a Planned Parenthood logo over your business name. Progressive mobs are so blinded by their ideological rage that they cannot even see institutional racism in action. They will leave your business alone and destroy another poor schmuck!!!

Earl went on to prove his hypothesis by covering his small business name with a logo from Planned Parenthood, and just as the Angel of Death passed over the homes of the Hebrews during the biblical exodus, so too the bloodthirsty progressive mob passed Mr. Pitts lifelong investment for another poor soul.

Innovation and genius are at the heart of the American story, and this reporter has never witnessed an act more innovatively genius than Earl Pitts solution to disguise his middle class business, to protect it from destruction, as the symbol of systemic racism advanced by comfortable rich racists. I am awe-stricken by the genius still thriving on Main Street.


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