BREAKING: Biden promises jail time for everyone who voted for Trump

WASHINGTON, DC—President-elect Joe Biden has issued a statement declaring everyone who voted for Trump a “domestic terrorist” and promising jail time for “each and every one.”

The statement came as big tech companies and social media platforms have moved to silence opposing viewpoints through deplatforming and unpersoning.

“It it clear after the armed insurrection at the US Capitol that all Trump supporters are fascist domestic terrorists and that in order to fight fascism, we must silence and imprison them without a trial,” Biden said in the statement.

Biden will start rounding up Trump supporters starting January 21, a day after his inauguration.

The Biden administration says they will investigate ballots in every state to ensure that they only imprison people who voted for Trump.

“We don’t want to be in a position where we accidentally arrest a Biden supporter, so we will need a complete forensic audit of the ballots to determine who the domestic terrorists are,” Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said. The FBI, which found absolutely no election fraud after not looking for it, has been fully cooperative in the effort.


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