BREAKING: Biden supporters make off with millions in loot in rallies across Chicago

CHICAGO—COVID-19 restrictions didn’t stop supporters for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden from making off with millions of dollars in loot in Biden rallies across Chicago early Monday.

The looting reportedly began shortly after midnight as people reportedly broke store windows and swept through stores on the city’s “Magnificent Mile” along Michigan Avenue while making their case for a Biden presidency.

The Biden rallies were preplanned but Biden himself did not attend as he is holed up in his basement still afraid of COVID-19.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot praised the political activism.

“We have a very vibrant and politically active population here in Chicago. When people say, we’re going to have a Biden rally, everyone shows up and they are rewarded handsomely for it! I saw one guy take home 5 pairs of Michael Jordan shoes from his Biden rally.”

Lightfoot confirmed that since these rallies were political in nature that there would be no COVID-related restrictions on them.

Some Biden supporters yelled “I can’t breathe” in reference to the Eric Garner police killing as she looted the store in one Biden rally:

One Biden supporter was so excited about a Biden presidency that he drove his Audi into the class display window of a Miracle Mile Apple Store:


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