Governing bodies promise to only censor you if you’re wrong

WASHINGTON–Members of Congress have passed a bill during a daytime meeting and somehow, every member of congress voted in favor of the bill! Interestingly enough, the bill also included a united front from the UN, the UK, and the EU, all of which was achieved!

You read that right, US lawmakers and Europe have all agreed on this new bill, which will be effective immediately.

The new bill was launched in response to the removal of a massive QAnon group that was taken down on Facebook, which many US citizens claimed was a blatant form of oppressive censorship and that the government had no right to do this. Other alleged forms of oppressive censorship include the deleting of the pandemic video on YouTube and thousands of other claims of tech giants preventing conservative posts from getting views.

Dubbed the “Wanting The Facts” bill (or WTF for short), governing bodies have promised to only censor your posts if these posts or online groups are wrong; only post things that are true and you will never be censored, according to this bill.

When the government gives us their word, it must be true!

“We want to stop fake news, and this what we will do,” said Nancy Pelosi, “if your blog post, video, or group has been removed, just look at your device’s screen and say to yourself with a nod, ‘WTF.”

“I fully support this new bill. You can trust us to stop lies and falsehoods,” said Mitt Romney, “and yes, I am a real Republican! Honest, I am!!!”

“We are finally following the example of world leaders who managed to stop lies from being spread,” said congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “I am referring to people, you know, like Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin.”

UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres had this to say, “Every UN country supports the WTF bill. If you do not approve of it, then you are an enemy to peace! WTF?!”

We at the Genesius Times, look forward to seeing fake news disappear from the internet.


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