BREAKING: CIA accidentally gives $3 billion to Trump supporter disguised as Hamas terrorist

WASHINGTON, DC–We reported on a Trump supporter who disguised himself as a Hamas terrorist in order to be removed from the FBI list of extremists. We’ve now learned that that Trump supporter has received $3 billion in aid from the CIA.

The individual, whose identity remains shrouded in secrecy, managed to infiltrate the ranks of Hamas with a remarkably convincing disguise. Clad in the signature balaclava and carrying a fake bomb belt, he had everyone fooled, including the CIA.

Sources within the intelligence community suggest that the agency intended to provide financial assistance to groups opposing Hamas, but somehow, this intrepid Trump supporter received the windfall instead. The question on everyone’s minds now is how such a colossal blunder could occur.

One anonymous CIA agent was overheard muttering, “We thought we were supporting a brave faction fighting against Hamas, but in reality, we were just helping a guy who really, really dislikes them.”

As for the Trump supporter who now finds himself $3 billion richer, rumors abound about his plans for the newfound wealth. Some say he’s considering constructing a series of opulent golf courses with exorbitant greens fees and gilded golf carts, all bearing the former president’s name.

Meanwhile, the CIA is scrambling to investigate how they managed to send such an astronomical sum to the wrong recipient. Speculation runs rampant, with some insiders suggesting that an overzealous intern might have hit the “Send” button, thinking it was for a wholly different type of aid package.

As for the Trump supporter, he’s contemplating a career change, as it appears that posing as a terrorist can be remarkably lucrative.


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