BREAKING: Colin Powell to expose Clinton Foundation fraud tomorrow


WASHINGTON, DC—While former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he voted for Clinton in 2020, he has since learned of several damning pieces of evidence concerning the Clinton Foundation’s dealings around the world.

Powell, a retired four-star general and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who was once considered a potential presidential candidate himself, said that he was tired of the corruption in DC and is set to expose a network of money laundering and sex trafficking that reached the highest levels of American government.

“It’s time,” Powell said in an exclusive interview with Genesius Times. “People need to know how corrupt and despicable the government is.”

Powell said that he would be releasing the information to various news sources tomorrow (Monday) at noon Eastern.

The information Powell is set to release to the public concerns not only the Clinton Foundation with former President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but also former President Barack Obama, and current President Barack Obama Joe Biden.


This story is developing. Check back soon for updates.


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