BREAKING: Colorado mandates everyone in the state has at least one abortion a year


DENVER—In response to the anti-abortion bill in Oklahoma, Colorado legislators have passed a bill mandating that every Coloradan get at least one abortion every year, enshrining the culture of death into the state constitution.

The House voted 40-24 to pass HB22-666 after a three-hour debate. All votes in favor were from Democrats, and all votes in opposition came from Republicans.

Democrats control the Senate, too, and they’re expected to pass this bill. The governor, Jared Polis, is also a Democrat and he’s indicated he’ll sign the bill into law once it gets to his desk.

The bill would require everyone—male or female—to kill at least one prenatal baby a year. If they are not pregnant, they must get pregnant in order to kill the baby.

“Every Coloradan has the right—nay the duty to kill at least one baby a year,” House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, a Pueblo Democrat said.

“Abortion is healthcare and we want everyone to get healthcare, therefore, everyone must get an abortion every year. It just makes common sense,” Esgar said.


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