Russian Joker spotted in Ukraine


KYIV, UKRAINE—How far will the Russian ‘Joker’ go, carrying out his mad plan?
Will the ‘batshit crazy virus’ inside his head escape?
Did the Madcap Manic ever urinate on Hillary?
These questions and more answered in this episode of The Ukraine Caped Caperer’s Crazy Carping Crap.

Bam! Pow! Slug! Pee!

People are saying Putin is neurotic, psychotic, unhinged, delusional and unbalanced. We think he’s one taco short of a combination plate but maybe, just maybe, he’s simply just evil. It happens. He’s a sociopath… likes seeing what happens when you send a couple thousand tanks rolling. How far do they get? Or… maybe he’s just an artist and the Ukraine is a blank canvas just waiting for a little Alizarin Crimson. Burnt Sienna.

If you think time will tell, you’d be wrong. It’s like trying to figure out an M.C. Escher. His drawings can’t make sense in our 3 dimensions and neither do Putin’s actions because there’s no logic, folk. Just big, wide brush strokes.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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