BREAKING: Congress repeals 13th Amendment to make all Americans debt slaves

These United States had a program of Mandatory Volunteerism a few hundred years ago. It had a catchy name……hold on……..give me a minute…….oh yeah, Slavery. And now that the Government has basically taken over the public sector, why not own the citizens outright?

And why does ‘slavery’ have such a bad rep? The

Initially, the Dems proposed a Universal Basic Income, UBI, but as they collapsed the country it became a bit more nuanced morphing into Unemployed, Bankrupt and Insolvent. An unintended consequence? Think again.

The real question has always been how to execute a Mandatory Volunteerism program. Here’s an idea, let’s have every American start digging a huge single hole which will eventually go down to China, making that country fall into the center of the Earth and kill the coronavirus which is heat sensitive. I mean China deserves it, right? And think of all the new American slave.. er, friends you’d meet along the way. Plus the Chinese takeout would be way closer and more authentic.

And after the Democrats have succeeded in collapsing our economy the only fair thing to do is sell every White family of four to either a black or Native American family. That solves the reparation question right there. Of course, we could also consider forming Caucasian American Reservations throughout the Midwest, but who’d we get to make blankets, trinkets, and fake wampum?

And why not make marriage between a man and a woman illegal? We could exempt tax accountants because nobody likes them anyway. Then make way for gay polygamists. Besides, why don’t we have that already? What are they waiting for?