BREAKING: COVID-19 is CIA plot to inject Tom Hanks’s blood into every American through vaccine

Genesius Times investigative reporters have discovered the truth about the coronavirus pandemic. The entire crisis has been designed to instill enough panic in order to warrant a mandatory vaccine, which will consist purely of adrenochrome and Tom Hanks‘s blood for the purposes of mind control.

Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were among the first high-profile personalities to reportedly contract COVID-19, but new records show they were never infected.

The novel coronavirus was designed by Bill Gates to ensure that everyone in the world lost their mind and was a stunning success.

After going public with their diagnosis and keeping fans updated on their condition whilst in isolation Down Under, Hanks and Wilson made a “full recovery” and were allowed to return to their home in Los Angeles.

Upon arriving back in the US, Tom, 63, and Rita, 63, enrolled in a medical study to determine if their antibodies would be useful for scientists working on developing a vaccine and now the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ star has revealed that they have been approved to donate blood because they do “carry the antibodies”.

But we all know this is a cover for a mass mind control effort.

The vaccine, which ironically will be developed by the same person who created the disease—Bill Gates—will let Tom Hanks control the mind of everyone who gets the vaccine, giving him authority over the entire globe through 5G cell tower radiation.

This story is developing.


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