BREAKING: Guy deciding who’s an ‘essential worker’ decides he is an essential worker

There is so much wrong with what’s been going on these last two months it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s talk about Sweden. Yes, they went through a very rough period a few weeks ago. They let ‘er rip as our beloved President would say. That was an extraordinarily tough decision for a pretty liberal country. Extremely vulnerable people died. Absolutely nobody under 20. Herd immunity developed. They’re now open for business with common-sense precautions.

Our country could have done the following. Vigorously protect our food supply, back that up with the National Guard and Military, quarantine all vulnerable individuals, lockdown hot spots around the country and let ‘er rip. We now have data showing the virus has been here for at least 6-9 months and our country already has partial herd immunity. What? Now you tell us?

All our so-called experts tell us, their mitigation plan worked without any data proving their plan was better than others. No data whatsoever. When you hear “data-driven”, it’s B.S.

Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants all Americans to boycott work while she gets her salary, pension, and bonuses. Dumb and privileged doesn’t begin to cover it, either for her or any other fully employed government bureaucrat.

And like some third-rate commissar, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tells people that if they want to work, they should go get a job as an essential worker. I think the question needs to be asked: are AOC and Andrew Cuomo essential?

We need to hear from experts who have been sitting at home for a few months, not being paid, living off evaporating savings, and not having a job to which they can return. Who’s with me?