BREAKING: Donald Trump has not denounced white supremacy in the past 24 hours

WASHINGTON DC—President Donald Trump has not denounced white supremacy in the past 24 hours, a clear indication that he is, in fact, a white supremacist.

All previous denunciations have been invalidated by this extended silence.

People of color™ live in fear as white supremacist groups now feel emboldened to terrorize the nation from behind every blade of grass.

Instead, the president has recklessly spent his time campaigning and governing the nation.

At one point, a class of inner-city second graders visited the White House on a field trip. The president referred to the students as “very fine people.” This comment was obviously a dog whistle the size of a foghorn. The Washington Post is currently doxing the students to invoke the wrath of the loving and tolerant woke activists.

Keep this in mind as you head to the polls.

UPDATE: Since this story’s publication, Donald Trump still hasn’t denounced white supremacy. Anonymous sources estimate the Ku Klux Klan’s membership has since quintupled in size.


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