BREAKING: Joe Biden comes out as a ‘keratinsexual’

In the gender fluid world of today, there has been yet another group oppressed by the Christian Conservative Merica Gun-Toting 2 Gender Patriarchy. People who self-identify as those who are attracted to hair and fingernails were in the closet even within the LGBTQXYZetc Movement, that is already likely less than 3% of the world population. All that has changed with the Democrat Nominee for President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

The Democrat presidential front runner is well known for his affection of hair, particularly on young girls. Joe Biden has also bragged about children playing with his leg hair, which he claimed turned gold when exposed to the sun. This was during his pool lifeguard/Cornpop days.D uring an event on Saturday, November 30 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sleepy Joe put what’s left of his teeth onto the fingernails of his wife Jill Biden while Jill was on a stage giving a speech and waving her fingernailed hand in front of the 77-year-old Uncle Joe.

Keratin is the key structural material making up hair and fingernails and comprises the basis for the sexual orientation: keratinsexual.

The industry that has demanded we accept the LGBTQ agenda has gotten into gear to defend this new oppressed minority. The Southern Poverty Law Center has decreed that anyone making fun of Biden’s hair sniffing, finger biting, or display other examples of mocking of Biden’s orientation are kertatinsexualphobic. The medical community is scrambling to identify the keratinsexual gene and declaring the orientation mentally sound. The Department of Education is adding keratinsexual books to their Drag Queen Story time events, hair sniffing/fingerbiting to the sex roll playing times, & adding more to the indoctrination done with children across the nation.

Hollywood is planning rewriting several movies with keratinsexual characters. A possible example is the new James Bond Movie For Your Hair and Fingernails Only. The CW network was planning to have one of the heroes of Arrow become keratinsexual, but may have to change the script in light of pressure from China to ban images of archery. ANTIFA is working protest chants, but is having difficulty finding words that rhyme with keratin.

It is not known if the keratinsexual movement will steal a word or symbol such as when the homosexual movement took the word gay and then the Rainbow to represent their agenda. Buttigeg is still likely to get the majority of the LBGTQXYZ vote, while Kamala Harris, who identifies as a politicalcareerosexual could win a large number of the superdelegates who actually decide Democrat primary elections.


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