BREAKING: Obama chef Tafari Campbell’s death ruled as ‘climate change’

In a shocking turn of events, the tragic death of former and current President Barack Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell has been officially ruled as a casualty of climate change. It was not, as conspiracy theorists have posited, related to Hillary Clinton’s suicide hotline.

The announcement came from a renowned climate scientist who declared, “After extensive analysis, we have determined that climate change played a significant role in Mr. Campbell’s passing. The rising temperatures caused him to overheat in the kitchen, leading to an unfortunate accident while paddleboarding.”

While the scientific community is scratching their heads trying to comprehend this new breakthrough in climate-related fatalities, others are wondering if this is all just part of a bizarre publicity stunt to emphasize the importance of climate change awareness. Perhaps next, we’ll hear that climate change is responsible for causing a celebrity to be late for an event or for a politician’s questionable fashion choices.

In response to the ruling, climate change activists are calling for immediate action to address the kitchen-related impacts of global warming. “We need to put a stop to this culinary climate crisis,” one activist declared. “It’s time to address the root cause of kitchen overheating and ensure the safety of our chefs!”

Meanwhile, skeptics are questioning the logic behind blaming climate change for an individual’s untimely passing. “I mean, can we really attribute every unfortunate event to climate change?” one skeptic pondered. “What’s next? Climate change causes burnt toast and spilled milk?”

In any case, the ruling has sparked a flurry of memes and jokes on social media, with users playfully attributing everyday mishaps to climate change. “My phone battery died – must be climate change,” tweeted one user, while another joked, “Forgot my umbrella and got caught in the rain – thanks, climate change!”

As absurd as it may seem, the ruling stands firm, and the untimely passing of Tafari Campbell will forever be etched in history as a casualty of the ever-elusive and all-encompassing culprit – climate change. So the next time you turn up the heat in your kitchen or experience any minor inconvenience, just remember, it’s all part of the grand scheme of climate change’s nefarious plan to take over the world, one kitchen at a time. Stay safe out there!


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