BREAKING: Photos emerge of Justin Trudeau pretending to be Prime Minister

Canadian buffoon Justin Trudeau was dealt a major blow on Wednesday by the publication of a several photos surfacing of him pretending to be the Prime Minister.

Time magazine posted the photos in which Trudeau wore ‘primeministerface’, which it says were published in the in the last several years all around Canada.

“I’m pissed off at myself, I’m disappointed in myself,” he told reporters traveling with him on his professional clown plane.

“It’s really pathetic to act like I did, a complete buffoon pretending to be the Prime Minister of a leading country. The only thing that would be more ridiculous is if people actually voted for me!”

Mr Trudeau has been admired by liberals around the world for his clownish behavior in the Trump era but many see this as a national disgrace.

“How dare he put on ‘primeministerface’ and try to pretend to be our Prime Minister? It’s a horrifying disgrace. He should be ashamed of himself,” Canadian legend Bryan Adams said.



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