Video surfaces of Justin Trudeau trying to look like a man

Video footage surfaced over the weekend of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, offensively dressed like a man. The footage has sparked outrage among the whole spectrum of woke intersectional types. Not only did Trudeau have the audacity to dress like the greatest of oppressors, a wealthy white male, but his girlfriend was seen on his arm while wearing a sun hat and dress. I am seeing RED!

What kind of Victorian-era fake gentleman nonsense is this? Trudeau should know from his degree in Feminist Studies that the only true “gentlemen” is either castrated or dead. The Prime Minister just walking around like he owns the place, projecting his masculine insecurity on his lady-friend, and audaciously regurgitating platitudes like ‘people-kind.’ This Demagorgon can suck it!

Humanity has come a long way in righting the wrongs of the patriarchy. Up until now, I considered Justin Trudeau a common friend of the cause, with their unassuming possibly male build but not quite sure, and their big innocent eyes, pushing policies that show’s ze’s on our side, I just cannot…. It’s a shame to see old footage of Trudeau pretending to be a man. Next thing you know, Beto’s gonna be pictured with an AR-15.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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