TULSA–After a month of political rallies being good for the public health because they help to fight COVID-19 in some inextricable way, they are completely unsafe now.

“This has nothing to do with ideology or politics,” read a letter from over 100 health officials. “We’ve done a lot of good getting together to fight injustice. Now, we’re afraid that political rallies are dangerous again.”

The statement comes coincidentally the day of a rally for President Trump.

The rally, Trump’s first in months, comes amid prolonged concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and a nationwide outcry over racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Eyewitnesses said that practically no one was wearing a mask and many weren’t even looting or burning down random buildings.

“It’s just really sad to see,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said. “How dare these political rallies be peaceful? Who ever said political rallies need to be peaceful?”


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