Statues of Dr. Anthony Fauci are being defaced and torn down across America

Dr. Anthony Ulysses S. Grant Fauci’s statues are everywhere these days. Most have been outside American hospitals for centuries but gone pretty much unnoticed. Why? Because the statues have been erected at full size, which means 3′ tall. And many, if not most, have been mistaken for fire hydrants, used by American dogs throughout our great and illustrious history.

As most people are unaware, Dr. Fauci‘s great -great-Grandfather, Dr. Benedict Arnold Fauci was George Washington’s personal physician. He was responsible to caring for Washington’s hemorrhoids during the French and Indian war. He was also known for trying conversion therapy on Baron von Steuben during that same time period. Unfortunately, the good Dr. was impaled on the spike atop the Barons hat during one of the therapy sessions as has pretty much been erased from history.

Students of history are quite familiar with Dr. Jack The Ripper Fauci who coined the term ‘Black Plague” in 1346. Since there were only white people on the planet at that time, he could not be considered a racist, which he surely was since there are cave drawings with him in blackface wearing colorful shoulder coverings.

This was the guy who first noted that homes infected with rats would be the first ones to get the plague and die. He, along with Governor Julius Caesar Cuomo, suggested that staying at home and caring for the elderly was the best way to prevent spread. Naturally, only the homeless survived and their direct descendants now survive as the Democrat Party.