BREAKING: Santa Claus has died unexpectedly following Fauci visit

NORTH POLE—The world is reeling from news that Santa Claus has died suddenly and unexpectedly, shocking experts who were sure that he was “healthy as can be.”

Dr. Anthony’s Fauci—America’s Doctor that we just can’t seem to get rid of—said that he even travelled to the North Pole to personally vaccinate Claus for COVID-19 and is baffled as to why the jolly man would die suddenly.

“It just doesn’t make any logical sense,” Fauci said. “He was a little overweight, sure, but generally healthy. You have to be if you want to travel as much as Santa did. It’s just a real mystery why he died so unexpectedly.”

Surveillance video shows Claus preparing his sleigh for his annual trip around the globe when he started spinning around and looking up terrified before falling down dead.

Experts has linked the death to climate change-induced myocarditis or stress caused by anti-vaxxers as the most likely cause.


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