Climate protestors force traffic jams full of idling cars to protest CO2 emissions

Across Canada, traffic was stopped early Monday morning by activists taking part in a global climate protest.

The group heading the movement, known as Extinction Rebellion or “XR,” is seeking to draw attention to what they say is the “climate emergency,” by exacerbating the situation.

“We are polluting far too much and creating way too much exhaust from factories and cars especially,” the group’s leader Will Nutcase said, “so we’re forcing these cars to sit idling in the cold and producing more exhaust.”

On Monday, XR protesters targeted and blocked 60 bridges across the globe for a campaign they have called #BridgeOut.

Similar displays of illogic are taking place in London, Germany, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Australia.

In an open letter, the Vancouver faction of XR said it does not want to “fight pollution by causing more pollution,” but that the group sees “no other choice.”

“The Canadian government is failing to act on the imaginary climate crisis and to protect its citizens,” the letter reads, “so we’re going to act by making it worse.”


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