Climate Strike: Millions of people fight global apocalypse by taking an extra long lunch break


Millions of people around the world have taken aim at the impending global Apocalypse by taking an extra long lunch break as part of the “Climate Strike” inspired by the 16-year-old climate expert Greta Thunberg.

“Nothing says, we’re in a perilous state on this planet and I will stop at nothing to fix it like getting back to the desk 15 minutes later than usual.”

It is the first of several planned events ahead of and during the United Nations Climate Action Summit next week.

Strikes started in Australia on Friday morning. School Strike 4 Climate, the organizers of the event, say over 300,000 people took part across the country.

“I missed gym class for this,” Linda Thompson of Brisbane, Queensland said. “I guess you could say I’m kinda serious about this stuff.”

An earlier climate strike was cancelled due to perfectly temperate weather.


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