CNN: How Trump’s white supremacy caused Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is the most racist hurricane in recent memory and, according to documents discovered during the FBI raid of the Mar-a-Lago estate, it could all be Former President Trump’s fault.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has confirmed that several Top-Secret files seized at during the Mar-a-Lago raid show that Trump’s racism has fed the highly targeted hurricane to damage Cuba and only people of color when it makes landfall in Florida.

“White supremacy is the number one threat to this country,” Wray said. “And as we’ve discovered, Hurricane Ian is part of a white supremacist conspiracy to take over the country.”

Congresspeople including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have weighed in.

“If you look at a radar, you’ll see that Hurricane Ian is made of 100% of white clouds. Not brown. White. And what kind of name is Ian anyway? A racist name,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Wray said that they will be bringing charges soon against Trump for all the damage Ian causes.


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