CNN: It’s ILLEGAL to watch Jan 6 video footage that proves the Jan 6 Committee lied

(CNN) Brave anchor Don Lemon made it very clear that it is ILLEGAL to watch the new footage of the January 6 protests that prove the January 6 Committee lied to the American public.

The new footage shows that the government lied to the people to make the January 6 protest appear to be a “deadly insurrection” but was nothing of the sort.

“Many people don’t know this but it’s illegal to watch the surveillance footage that was released to the public. That is our job as journalists—to look at the evidence and then tell YOU what we want you to think about it,” esteemed CNN anchor Don Lemon said on his new morning show.

We at Genesius Times will obey all dictates that come from Don Lemon and so implore our readers to not to watch the video footage:

Remember people, stay in your lane and let the professionals do their job of determining what you should know.


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