Coca-Cola unveils new logo without any white

ATLANTA—In an effort to stay ahead of the woke curve, progressive soft drink company Coca-Cola has introduced its new logo, which is its old logo of a white “Coca-Cola” on a red field now without the white part.

Coke drinkers are impressed with the branding move.

“It really takes a genius to design something like this! I was subtly offended by the old bottle. Now I’m no longer offended!” John Ramsey said.

Coca-Cola caught some flack for making all their white employees wear blackface in order to hide their offensive whiteness. This move aims to fix the public relations mess that created.

The company has also stated that they will be changing their motto officially to “Be Less White.”

The marketing change was preceded by a promise by Vice President Kamala Harris to remove the offensive white stripes from the American flag.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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