‘Defund’ movement stalls after losing funding

The “defund” movement has stalled after losing funding. However there is still some grassroots efforts underway to defund things. Here’s a survey of those efforts.

How about starting with Hollywood? We’ve been listening to these gasbags far too long. In fact, the Hollywood DMV has just added a new icon to their driving test as you can see below:

And how about defunding those construction site guys who hold those signs that say ‘SLOW’ on one side and ‘STOP’ on the other. I say get rid of ’em and have cars play ‘CHICKEN’ on the lane that’s open. The only downside is that people on METH would always win.

While we’re at it, we need to defund the Post Office. Does anyone get any mail these days that’s worth a sh*t? Between Amazon, Fedex, UPS, and private delivery services, the U.S. Postal Service is today’s Pony Express. Oh, did I mention this new thing called e-mail? You’ve gotta admit though, with all the insanity on our streets, “Going Postal” seems kinda sweet in comparison.

The “Defund the Politicians” movement has finally caught on. Nobody needs these clowns anymore. Now I don’t mean DJT or his minions. They get to stay no matter what. Well, maybe not Javanka. I say replace the Politicians with Pinball Machines. Pinball Machines? That’s because at least with those, you always know where you stand.

Uh oh, too late!


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