Democrats outraged as Fauci grilled on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC—What started out as a normal day on Capital Hill ended in disarray. The tension of the recent event was even more unpleasant than interacting with politicians and their immense egos.

“Things we’re going well today,” said an underpaid congressional intern, “congress was ready to meet ahead of schedule and I had just gotten done paying off my representative’s sexual harassment victims, and then this ‘doctor’ guy shows up and ruined everything!”

Dr. Anthony Fauci (aka The Infinite Wisdom) arrived at the capital building unannounced! Members of the house, senate, Trump’s cabinet, and the Girl Scouts were shocked and appalled, at the audacity of the doctor to come and go as he pleased. The grilling that followed, only seemed to fit.

“I’m not surprised that he did what he did,” said Chuck Schumer, “we democrats have given this man a pass to do whatever he wants and anywhere that he wants to do it in. As for the grilling that ensued well…I have no words.”

Nancy Pelosi responded by only shaking her head, disturbed.

Yes, that’s right, something happened today that actually got Nancy Pelosi to shut up!

C-SPAN actually considered cutting their camera feed but were unable to because of FOIA.

“There is one thing that we can take away from today’s events,” said President Trump, “that being that, perhaps it is okay to criticize Dr. Fauci?”

Dr. Ben Carson had this to say, “I’m surprised that anyone who calls themselves a doctor would allow this to happen.” To which Rand Paul nodded in agreement.

We at the Genesius Times cannot believe what happened either…

Dr. Fauci walked onto Capital Hill with a charcoal grill in hand, then lowered his facial mask, and started grilling hotdogs while warming a can of Goya beans!

Yes, that’s right, Dr. Fauci Grilled on Capital Hill!