Democrats to impeach Trump for Democrats withholding Puerto Rican disaster aid

Members of the Hispanic Federation participate in a Unity March Nov. 19 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington to highlight the ongoing humanitarian and natural disaster crisis in Puerto Rico. (CNS photo/Yuri Gripas, Reuters)

With the attempt to impeach Trump by claiming he is unfit, using the Russian Steele Dossier, and other attempts not even making it through Congress, and the newest attempt regarding aid to Ukraine almost certain to fail in the US Senate, Democrats and some Republican in Name Only strategists had been looking for the next impeachable scandal. The Puerto Rican Earthquakes of January 2020 seemed like a serious crisis that shouldn’t or wouldn’t go to waste.

Democrats tried to blame Trump for the failures in aid reaching people after the floods & damage from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Those efforts where sabotaged by Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló of Puerto Rico resigning August 2nd 2019. Certain news sites holding local government officials accountable instead of using the Blame Orange Man Narrative and Puerto Rican government officials getting arrested/fired recently didn’t help Democrats either.

“We were hoping that the earthquake in Puerto Rico would have mobs in the street angry at President Donald Trump and that blame for the upcoming crisis could be blamed on the Commander in Chief in the same way that the failures of levees in New Orleans were blamed on President George W Bush after Katrina,” said Anita Bureesmajob.

Instead, groups of activists stormed government warehouses & discovered thousands of aid material not delivered. Water, baby wipes, food, EpsteinDidntKillHimself Bedsheets, and other items were stashed away and probably would have stayed there had Puerto Ricans trusted their government and mainstream media in hating Trump.

Other reasons for the impeachment of Donald J Trump are being explored as we speak.


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